Yep, what a milestone. 10 downloads of Box Blaster. Most of them (possibly all!) have been from me grabbing someone’s phone and downloading it for them.

Not the best form of advertising, but it’s the best I’ve got.

So I went and had a look at the games that appear in the same list when I search for Box Blaster. Some have 500,000! I have 10.

So what am I doing wrong? Who knows! But, I suspect:

1. My logo needs to be a bit brighter, with a bit more punch.

2. My app page needs a refresh, too. I should try and make some proper promo images. Cartoons seem popular… maybe a pilot giving a thumb’s up.

3. Everything needs to be brighter. Think JJ Abrams and his les flares… really got to ramp it up.

So that’s the new direction… we’ll see how we go.

You’ll notice I haven’t even mentioned fixing the game yet. With 10 downloads, the game doesn’t even matter.


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